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About us

Why Basic Feather?

"It's important for Basic Feather that it's Thursday evening in the badminton hall, that's what it's all about"

Created for dedicated players

With Basic Feather, Morten Frost and Flemming Quach have created a badminton brand for dedicated players with rackets and equipment of razor-sharp quality at reasonable prices.

Developed for you who are also fond of badminton.

"It is in the badminton halls that everything is built up, where the game and socializing thrive. We are all a product of someone who stepped on their badminton shoes before us. Basic Feather is our way of saying thank you to those who helped along the way", says Morten Frost.

Enthusiasm for badminton

Basic Feather is created with passion and enthusiasm. Both have been badminton players at the top and work with respect for badminton as a whole.

The first badminton rackets arrived in April 2019 at Flemming's apartment, which is the company's first warehouse in Copenhagen.

Basic Feather shares the joy of badminton, the unforgettable moments and thousands of hours in the halls. Life between the lines, the camaraderie and the battles.

The soaked T-shirts after training, the jubilation of winning or the satisfaction of having done your best and the Coke afterwards in the cafeteria.

It must be personally satisfying

The short path for the customer is absolutely central to Flemming and Morten. It must be a good experience to buy rackets, and there must be room for inspiration and to share the joy of badminton.

"It is Morten and I you are meeting. We feel we are succeeding when a player writes on Facebook: " Huge praise." Perfect service and guidance. Great racket for the price!” , says Flemming Quach.

Do it yourself, with what we can

"We are entrepreneurs for our own savings. We do what we believe in and know we can. We develop and produce badminton equipment and share our joy of the game with everyone", says Morten Frost.

With clear attitudes and simple Nordic design and high demands on quality. The rackets are stylish and the clothing collection is sustainable industry-certified.

The All England champion and the young talent

The two founders have a combined 75 years of experience as players and coaches. Morten has won the All England championship four times and was Flemming's coach in Aarhus when he was a young talent. The age difference is 34 years, but the friendship between them is timeless across generations. Badminton builds bridges between people.

Building and developing Basic Feather is like starting over on a new life with badminton. It requires dedication, a positive approach, hard work, pride and the will to want!

Flemming and Morten's friendship is a chemical bond of trust, respect and attitude.

Their greatest desire is to give something valuable back to the game and the community.

The round of life in the badminton halls

That's what drives them. That's what they're rounded off. The proud traditions in the halls, the joie de vivre and the many passionate people who help make badminton a fantastic game.

Basic Feather is loving and uncompromising quality in your equipment,

Badminton should feel good throughout life.

With many memorable moments.

Morten Frost and Flemming Quach, Basic Feather

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